Monday, 24 December 2007

The Wilderness knife.

There is no tool more useful in the backcountry than a knife~~~the size I prefer for this style of knife is overall about 310mm in length~~~the blade and handle all one piece of metal, the handle remaining strong throughout, ~~~~
Raymond Mears, The Survival Handbook - 1990

In his excellent first book ( a selection of quotes above) Ray Mears advises the reader of the fact that no one knife will meet all their backwoods needs, Ray recommends the carrying of two knives a small one (maybe a folding or pocket knife) and a larger camp knife of 310mm overall length.

And this is a combo I subcribe to also. Years of trail and error, travels to the frozen north and time spent int he company of some of the worlds most expereinced outdoors folk has taught me this valuable lesson.

310mm equates to about 12" - this means taking the handle as being about 5" in length we are talking a tool of about 7" which is exactly the length of the Wilderness knife - Ray also recommends a full tang which, while our knife is Leuku like in blade profile, it is full tanged rather than stick tanged in design (strong throughout)
The knife is a workman's tool designed for the user, and to be used. This cutting tool like so many other laymans tools actually looks better with age and usage - shuning the shiney new look of some many!! A knife which would look equally at home 200 years ago in the hands of a buckskin clad Mountain Man as it does today in the hands of the modern bushcrafter and wilderness travel.

Available from our trading post..............avaialble only to users - collectors need not apply!!

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