Monday, 3 December 2007

Help for Heroes

A bushcraft blog shouldnt really be political - nor should it be about things not pertaining to bushcraft but I feel now is the time for those who care to stand up and be counted.

Being a ex-serviceman myself with friends and family still serving I feel that the good people of Britian need to now take the bull by the horns and try where they can to sort out the mess the Labour government has created with regards to our armed forces.

Today, thanks to medical improvements among other things more soldiers survive injuries which not so long ago they wouldnt have, but thanks to the penny pinching treasury money which was once sent on our troops is now spent ............well you know the story ............

Anyway let me recommend

Give what you can - show your support for our brave men and women - what better gift can anyone give at christmas than a small thank you to those who risk their lives so that we can sleep safe in our beds at night!

If the governement and the politicians aren't brave or strong enough to do whats right anymore lets us the people show them what true Brits can do - give today!!

Thanks on behalf of the bearclaw team and all those voiceless

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