Monday, 31 December 2007

Bushcraft videos

Heres a couple of Bushcrafting videos I've been given permission to add to the blog - many thanks to Martin (the star) for some excellent footage.

Maya Sticks -

Plank hitch knot -

Saami knife (leuku) -

Love the buff!!

Monday, 24 December 2007

The Wilderness knife.

There is no tool more useful in the backcountry than a knife~~~the size I prefer for this style of knife is overall about 310mm in length~~~the blade and handle all one piece of metal, the handle remaining strong throughout, ~~~~
Raymond Mears, The Survival Handbook - 1990

In his excellent first book ( a selection of quotes above) Ray Mears advises the reader of the fact that no one knife will meet all their backwoods needs, Ray recommends the carrying of two knives a small one (maybe a folding or pocket knife) and a larger camp knife of 310mm overall length.

And this is a combo I subcribe to also. Years of trail and error, travels to the frozen north and time spent int he company of some of the worlds most expereinced outdoors folk has taught me this valuable lesson.

310mm equates to about 12" - this means taking the handle as being about 5" in length we are talking a tool of about 7" which is exactly the length of the Wilderness knife - Ray also recommends a full tang which, while our knife is Leuku like in blade profile, it is full tanged rather than stick tanged in design (strong throughout)
The knife is a workman's tool designed for the user, and to be used. This cutting tool like so many other laymans tools actually looks better with age and usage - shuning the shiney new look of some many!! A knife which would look equally at home 200 years ago in the hands of a buckskin clad Mountain Man as it does today in the hands of the modern bushcrafter and wilderness travel.

Available from our trading post..............avaialble only to users - collectors need not apply!!

Monday, 10 December 2007

Cold weather Bushcraft - be prepared.

Winter is fast approaching whether it'll be a white one or a wet one is yet to be seen. Predictions of a cold winter like we had in the 50's are all well and good but will it really happen - I HOPE SO!!

I love the snow and the colder the better but these conditions do create problems for the outdoorsman. Ridged self discipline and organisational skills are most important and a sub-zero enviroment isnt forgiving and doesnt suffer fools easily.

Those joining the Bearclaw team in march will learn this but more importantly they will also get the chance to explore and experience the wonders of a frozen wilderness.

In my opinion there is no better bushcrafting playground - trips to the frozen north of Sweden, Finland or Norway are the brightest gems in my memories of my bushcrafting adventures and as such each is priceless!!

Thanks to the Winter WEISS I'm also very pleased to be able to offer you the chance to harvest such wonderful memories for yourself and as a little teaser (or homework) for those who would like to come, or who are thinking about it, I've attached a little article written by my friend Johan Forsberg of our sister company Nordic Bushcraft.

And as a besides - the article can be found (as per the Link) on bushcraft living a very good bushcraft forum or on the Bushcraft Educational Society forum - enjoy.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Merry Christmas from the bearclaw boys

Thanks to Steve for this festive fun!!

Happy Christmas and a bushcrafty new year from ALL the Bearclaw gang!!

Ho ho blummin ho!!

Help for Heroes

A bushcraft blog shouldnt really be political - nor should it be about things not pertaining to bushcraft but I feel now is the time for those who care to stand up and be counted.

Being a ex-serviceman myself with friends and family still serving I feel that the good people of Britian need to now take the bull by the horns and try where they can to sort out the mess the Labour government has created with regards to our armed forces.

Today, thanks to medical improvements among other things more soldiers survive injuries which not so long ago they wouldnt have, but thanks to the penny pinching treasury money which was once sent on our troops is now spent ............well you know the story ............

Anyway let me recommend

Give what you can - show your support for our brave men and women - what better gift can anyone give at christmas than a small thank you to those who risk their lives so that we can sleep safe in our beds at night!

If the governement and the politicians aren't brave or strong enough to do whats right anymore lets us the people show them what true Brits can do - give today!!

Thanks on behalf of the bearclaw team and all those voiceless