Monday, 10 December 2007

Cold weather Bushcraft - be prepared.

Winter is fast approaching whether it'll be a white one or a wet one is yet to be seen. Predictions of a cold winter like we had in the 50's are all well and good but will it really happen - I HOPE SO!!

I love the snow and the colder the better but these conditions do create problems for the outdoorsman. Ridged self discipline and organisational skills are most important and a sub-zero enviroment isnt forgiving and doesnt suffer fools easily.

Those joining the Bearclaw team in march will learn this but more importantly they will also get the chance to explore and experience the wonders of a frozen wilderness.

In my opinion there is no better bushcrafting playground - trips to the frozen north of Sweden, Finland or Norway are the brightest gems in my memories of my bushcrafting adventures and as such each is priceless!!

Thanks to the Winter WEISS I'm also very pleased to be able to offer you the chance to harvest such wonderful memories for yourself and as a little teaser (or homework) for those who would like to come, or who are thinking about it, I've attached a little article written by my friend Johan Forsberg of our sister company Nordic Bushcraft.

And as a besides - the article can be found (as per the Link) on bushcraft living a very good bushcraft forum or on the Bushcraft Educational Society forum - enjoy.

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