Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Its small, warm and light - but dont like the damp!!

Fjellraven Distance P5. – Few things in Bushcraft are more valuable than a good nights sleep and thanks to the Fjellraven Distance P5 down sleeping bag this is easily obtainable.
This is a quality bag from a top manufacturer which I personally have used all year round in both UK and Sweden and never found it wanting - sadly minus 32 in Finland would have been to much for it though.
Its extreme rated down to – 4 (comfort +8) but I have to say as with all swedish stuff their guide sizes or temperatures always seem to err on the side of caution as everything is bigger or better than they say - unlike our British makers whose temperature rangers and sizes seem to be works of fiction!! So I personally would say the comfort range is down to zero and the extreme easily past - 4 especially is you sleep dressed and/or use a good sleeping mat bivi bag ect.
Anyway its ideal for spring - summer and early autumn to average bushcraft season and as it packs down to the size of a grape fruit and weighs only around 650g it's a great piece of kit allowing you to carry an extra top if needed, which is far more versatile than having the weight in a bulkier sleeping bag!–
However - a word of warning - being down a bivi bag is a must in inclement weather as it - in theory - doesnt like it - but again I have slept in this bag all year in some pretty damp places like our scottish island and never yet found it to suffer.

Soon to be available from the trading post for just £87.99 - complete with storage bag for airing and stuff sack.

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