Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Sadly the quest for a bushcraft version of the seax has hit a we stumbling block - in as much as the blade maker has had (at this time) decided to cease trading.

The maker has taken up the chalis and now seeks a blade smith of equal ability so watch this space - if we can bring you the best bushcraft camp knife in the world we will - eventually!!

In the mean time heres a few pictures.

Above - picture of the makers prototype with a double hunter Leuku for scale.

Sheath detail of my original prototype (above)

My new user - this is the Bushcraft Seax - scales in Spalted BEECH and cow horn - great Anglosaxon materials with a 3mm veg Tan dangler sheath.

My old mate Tony Collins has a Masur Birch version of this knife and once he's hd time to evaluate I'll see if I can post his views on this blog too!!

And for those of you interested in a hand made Leuku like the other heres a pen picture of the marker -
"Paul (aka: Frenchy), is single minded in the way he sources his materials. When it comes to knife blades in particular, he'll only use the best from the best makers, even if availability is not assured in the long term. As a consequence, with quality and not quantity as his main concern, he admits that it's quite likely that some of his knives would automatically become part of a limited edition! It is to be expected that as he builds each knife by hand personally, there is a limit to how many knives he can produce at a given time. His care and attention to detail can be seen in every knife he makes. Another big asset that Paul has is that he makes available a wide choice of quality materials to satisfy the many preferences people have in Wood, Antler and Horn. Moreover, he's got a canny knack of utilising any combination of materials to produce exceptionally unique knives that are extremely handsome, sturdy and fully functional for their intended use!"

The Leuku's above RRP at about £195 - contact Paul to discuss your choice of scales ect.


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