Saturday, 23 June 2007


Established in 1956 the Wilderness Experience International Survival School has trained explorers, soldiers and top outdoorsfolk from all over the world.

The distinctive 5 sided badge is worn with pride by many renown individuals, earned through hard work and skill this badge speaks volumes of the wearer, a wearer who without a doubt has proudly joined the bushcraft Elite
So it was we had the pleasure of greeting 17 of the latest potential WEISS winners to Sweden on a sunny day in June.
The group arrived in high spirits but also with a sense of anticipation.

Bearing in mind that this course is part survival part bushcraft many of the students had tried to prepare for both ...........but nothing could prepare them for the course.

On the first day we removed all their own gear and reissued them with a complete outfit of our own, cookware, shelter, sleeping bag ect all provided and all the same. No student would have the advantage of the latest gizmo - here only skill shines out not money or technology!
The week itself flew by as we covered such subjects as fire by friction, flint knapping, the making of traps and fishing gear, navigation and SAR's techniques plus much much more.

I'll not go into details of the course but suffice to say everbody on it celebrated when the little 2 seater Cessna search plane flew over and spotted there signals and the hand held flare waved frantically below it - wagging its wings it dropped a parachute of supplies which all the guys couldnt wait to get their hands on.

The final treat was a evening in the sweat lodge, basking in the hot tube and enjoying a beer and a spectacular meal cooked by our host Preben Mortenson.
We were proud of every one there and even prouder to say even one passed - a stunning event which even Preben could not remember happening before - 100% pass rate!!

Those who passed this fantastic course are now invited to attend the Winter WEISS course which will next be run in March 2008 - this course is invite only and open only to the best of the best.............maybe we'll see you there one day?

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