Sunday, 20 May 2007

Custom Opinel with neck sheath

In his earliest book - the survival handbook - Ray Mears praised and recommended the Opinel No8 folding knife and I to echo that praise.

Its a simple knife, no dodgy bevels, no tricky locks or silly catchs to break or go wrong. Its a work horse and has earned its populaity and trusted reputation from knowledgable outdoors folk due to this and its fantastic price.
So imagine my pleasure at finding a guy who customizes the Knife and then supplies it with a matching fire steal and neck sheath!!

Presently only trading on ebay the makers is a really friendly chap who will customise the Opinel in one of a variety of materials, horn, antler woods of all shapes and colours ect - a great deal, on a great knife which is without a doubt 100% a bushcrafters best friend. Plus you also get a great leather neck sheath and matching customized firesteel - which castes top rate sparks from the Opinels hard squared off spine - truely a winning combination!!

You can contact the makers at or drop me a line at

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